Ensuring peace of mind for everyone who legitimately accesses a property, SALTO not only controls and secures guest rooms; it can also be used to manage all back-of-house doors used by staff, visitors and suppliers. SALTO provides full control of who can access what, when and where within the entire property, and can integrate this with CCTV, alarm, time and attendance or other systems, if required.

  • XS4 Original

    XS4 Original

    Flexible and wirefree

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  • XS4 Mini

    XS4 Mini

    Keyless control

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  • XS4 Emergency Exits

    XS4 Emergency Exits

    Advanced panic bar solutions

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  • XS4 GEO Cylinder

    XS4 GEO Cylinder

    Extensive range of wire-free, stand-alone electronic cylinders

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  • XS4 Wall readers and door controllers

    XS4 Wall readers and door controllers

    Door access control systems

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  • XS4 Keypad

    XS4 Keypad

    A complete range of electronic door locks with keypad

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