SALTO knows the hospitality industry and understands that it is more than just guest room management. This is why SALTO designed a complete product range especially made for hospitality. Its development was centered on giving hotels the highest levels of comfort, ease and control, allowing them to provide an outstanding experience for their guests.

  • XS4 Original

    XS4 Original

    Flexible and wirefree

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  • XS4 Mini

    XS4 Mini

    Keyless control

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  • XS4 Wall readers and door controllers

    XS4 Wall readers and door controllers

    Door access control systems

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  • XS4 Glass door

    XS4 Glass door

    For use with standard glass doors

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  • XS4 Locker locks

    XS4 Locker locks

    The electronic XS4 locker lock offers protection against theft to a wide range of lockers

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