Hotel management

SALTO XS4 Access Control Platform Seamlessly & Stylishly Manages Hospitality Operations.

The latest electronic locking technology provided by SALTO opens a world of opportunity for the hospitality sector. Integrated management solutions such as ProAccess SPACE enable managers to completely and efficiently coordinate staff activities thanks to the real-time stream of room occupancy status.


With real-time online monitoring, SALTO has created the gateway to instant updates at each touchpoint in the premises. The staff can see real-time movement of guests throughout the hotel and modify security and operations depending on this, with the help of a centralized hub. Online monitoring means higher security and straightforward hotel management.


One of the overriding advantages of SALTO’s solutions concerning the hospitality industry is the ability to seamlessly consolidate all aspects of a standard Room Management System (RMS) and Property Management System (PMS) with the access control structure. Gathering indispensable functions in one unique software including security and access control facilitates hotel operations and improves management capabilities.