Robust and stable access control solutions performing consistently

At SALTO, delivering outstanding solutions to hospitality industry customers is a central objective. SALTO technology covers the breadth of hospitality customers’ needs: taking care of property security, as well as streamlining and maximizing staff management activities.


Product testing is one of the most important phases of the manufacturing process; SALTO spends a significant amount of time and resources in product examination in order to ensure that each and every product sold meets reliability and performance standards. From a technical standpoint, SALTO leads the market regarding maintenance cost reduction thanks to automatic responses on low battery locks, remote real-time problem reporting and lock & key change eradication.


SALTO takes pride in providing a competent and personal customer service from purchase to installation and maintenance. Our offices are located globally in order to offer you the ability to receive assistance with local expertise and technical support, allowing you to focus on other operations and avoid worries.


Heavy investment in product research and development as well as intense product testing make SALTO’s products conform to the requirements set out by the authorities in any region in which you operate in. The extensive, rigorous testing undertaken ensures the product's suitability for real world application, and their capacity to go through extreme conditions without failing.