Comprehensive 24/7 access control covering the entire property, providing a convenient, comfortable, safe and secure experience for guests during their stay.

The ability to associate and integrate standard security instruments with the control of hotel rooms and communal area access is now made possible through SALTO’s advanced technologies. Allowing 3rd party incorporation within SALTO’s access control platform is a major breakthrough in security solutions and is uniquely provided by SALTO Hospitality.


SALTO understands that a master key is of great importance for a hotel. With electronic solutions, the owner is able to maintain access to an area when a card is lost or stolen, simplifying the response to common occurrences in day to day hotel business activities.


With SALTO’s default intrusion alarm, any forced entry attempt will trigger a loud alarm and direct security staff to the location where the alarm was triggered. Moreover, with the remote opening and lockdown capabilities of an electronic locking solution, guests are safer and more secure than ever in case of a fire or terrorist attack, as areas can be opened up or closed off, for example to contain a fire or lock in a terrorist.